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Fantastic product

After using disposable lighters for years I was so happy to discover the Flint rechargeable lighter. It works so well and a far more sustainable option.

– Ana, Canberra

Why Flint?


We all love to have a lighter handy for that favourite scented candle, our sleek and exceptionally chic lighter is one that you will want to use and display in your home for years to come.


This eco-friendly device is made to last and will give you up to 150 uses on a single charge and the best part – without any lighter fluid!

Easy to use

Light your candle effortlessly with the press of a button while keeping your fingers safe when lighting those hard to reach wicks!

Love love LOVE!

This product is so great! It’s so easy to use - I’ve stopped burning myself trying to get a lighter into the bottom of a candle! It’s zero-waste unlike plastic lighters and matches and it looks so stylish. So cool.

– Ally, Melbourne

Exactly what I asked for

Stylish, affordable, and a great gift for my partner who loved using his new Flint to light some scented candles. Very happy with my purchase.

– Mitchell, Double Bay


I’m so impressed with this wonderful little gadget. It lights my candles and oil burner quickly and easily with no chance of burning my hand. Bonus that it looks great on display too.

– Rachael, Bunbury